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Anyone have recommendation for shoes out there?

My typical strategy has always been to earmark my running shoes for Paddle. This only goes so far. As you know, paddle can certainly rip apart a pair of shoes. I have already worn through the soles and am down to the socks and it is only November!!!! As I get older I am not running as much and rely more on Paddle as my source of exercise. So this has posed a real "Imbalance" in my life.

I am looking for a shoe which is not so much performance but simply will last long.
Down to the sock.

Try the Wilson Trance or Prince Viper - tons of rubber. Or get a shoe with a 6 month outsole warranty...Bell Racquet Sports in East Rochester has several. Wear thru and it gets replaced.
BTW - running shoes are the least stable choice for paddle and most likely to cause an ankle roll

I have found that K-swiss have a pretty good lifespan for the paddle courts. Only run about 65 bucks and can probably get thru a whole season with em. Good Luck tracking down what works for you, and say good bye to the running shoes and the ankle graveyard.
the kid

Buy the "Air" red hightops and shoe-goo them to death.
paddle nightmare

What is "shoe-goo"? Is this something you can apply to "patch" holes and otherwise build up the base of your shoe?
Happy Paddle

Go to Savers (thrift shop in Henrietta near Wal-Mart), get used high-end bball shoes for $10, then wear them for 2 months until they get destroyed. I've gotten $200 (new) Carmelos, Jordans, nice Reeboks there and have all worked out well.

Who are you Pedro - what level??? Inquiring minds want to know.
Curious George