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Paddle Rackets on the plane?

Has anyone flown with paddle rackets in carry-on bags? Is this allowed? I'm flying out to Chicago for Easter and no trip would be complete without a White family paddle game.
Pedro Blanco

Pedro Blanco,

I'd check the TSA website:

What I've read is its OK, but just to be safe I'd toss it on the bottom of the checked bag.

If the Blanco crew needs a 4th give Have Chico Blanco call his fellow 585er at Winnetka for a match. We're around and playoffs end 3/16.
Your 4th

This list doesn't even mention tennis rackets but it does say you can carry-on ice skates so hopefully I'm good.
This will be an all-Blanco/Zorro family/all-585 match with Mama Zorro and Pedro Blanco Jr taking on Timoteo Blanco and Papa Blanco, I think we will be playing at Winnetka though so look out for the Bills gear!
Pedro Blanco