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Difference between "Golf Club" and "Country Club"

What is the difference between a county club and a golf club? Is it just in the name? For instance Monroe is a Golf Club while most of the others are country clubs. Is there an underlying difference?
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I believe it has to do with history. It is my understanding that Monroe Golf Club originally was just that a golf club. I don't think it had many of the other amenities such as tennis, paddle, pool and or a focus on fine dining. Today it has all of those other activities its not possible to see the difference. I also believe that Oak Hill CC was also originally intended to be a golf club. Today it also has all the other activities of a family oriented country club. Still fitness is in the basement and the pool is removed from the main club house. Golf still is the center stage. That's my best shot at it. Peace.
Todd J.W. Wisner