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Anyone know what happened in Buf?
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I heard that there was taunting, that's all I know.

I was there for the finals, was rooting for the two old guys in their 50's (looked more like 60's). The tall one was playing with one hip, the stout one had just been released from the hospital with gallstones. They were going up against a couple of young studs in their 30's. It looked like the Seniors were overmatched, but after taking a beating in the first set they battled back and somehow stole the 2nd. Sensing an upset, the crowd rallied behind them and cheered them on. The exciting third set was back-and-forth and went to a tiebreak. The fan favorites took a quick lead and for a moment it appeared they would pull out the improbable victory. Unfortunately a couple of untimely unforced errors led to their demise, they lost in a 6-4 heartbreaker.
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Sounds like there were some injuries, did anyone get hurt or those were just the ailments that the old guys brought to the court. I heard that this was a rematch.
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Is there a chance that girls can play in this tournament? I was told that this rule changed this year. Please let us know!
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