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Paddle Tournaments

At TCR, we're getting some pushback from some of the membership vis a vis open tournaments(for this year, I count 8) cutting into court availability for normal membership play. I sense that some clubs are offering up a greater percent of their Saturday court availability than other courts in this regard. I'd like to hear from the tournament directors as to whether my perception is correct. Thanks
Paddle your momma

TCR has the most members and biggest ratio problem. Okay, the question is:

Does TCR want more Paddle members?
Does TCR want fewer Paddle members?

Tournaments, to which very few people out there complain about on a ratio basis (since paddle your mamma is so into ratios) bring people to your courts, bring people to your building and showcase your facility.

Other clubs don't have this issue because paddle is part of their club membership - they are not in the business of bringing in paddle members. Last time I checked, TCR is in the business of bringing in new paddle members.

So - make your call, take a stand and decide who your club is going to cater. If TCR doesn't want more paddle players, start shutting down services, tournaments, support, etc. If TCR wants to grow, maybe new courts are an option; I don't know if you guys ever thought of that, probably difficult geographically......don't know.

My point is...make your call. Don't bitch and moan, figure out the business plan and take the consequences either way.