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Touching the net

Most players in our league have been extremely considerate, & play by the rules.

However, at least three times this year, my opponent has touched the net before the point was over &, even after I asked, denied hitting the net, or didn't offer me the point. Since it should be called by the offending player, I had no recourse. What can I do?

Here is the rule:
TOUCHING THE NET: It is against the rules to touch the net with any part of the body or paddle during play. A player who touches the net should call it on herself and give the point to her opponents.

Tough call - was it a match that really counted? Reality is that bad calls come all the time, one point RARELY defines a match and if you lose, it's becuase of other things in a match. Not just one point.

Give the warning, politely. That's all you can do.
habitual net caller

Know the rules and play by them.

I agree completly Clark. People know the rules and think that maybe you didn't see them hit the net or pretend they didn't. I am from the school of- play the game fair even if you break the rules, call the foul on yourself. Karma usually takes over anyways but even if it doesn't you still broke a rule. I wonder how these people teach their kids to play sports? I'd also like to see what their tax returns look like. If they want to win that bad let them put the trophy in their trophy case or the money in their bank accounts- oh wait there is no trophy or money. Food for thought. At least you know you play the game fair and that's something to be proud of. Keep Hustling-
the kid

Pretty sure ALL the best players in town know the rules.....pretty sure half of them foot fault all the time too.......

I agree - know the rules. But that was not the question. The question was how to handle those that know the rules and choose to ignore them.

I don't foot fault....
I DO touch the net sometimes, and I call it on myself each time.

Those are both my choices.

All the best players in town don't foot fault. It dosent seen that anyone has the right answer for u hmmmmmm. Your an enigma. Good luck in your search for justice.
the kid