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Best Players in Paddle

Just thought I would start a new forum on the local players, who is the best? what level? It's got to be Steve Pike at level one right? man what a tan.
the kid

I don't know much about the people in the upper levels. But seeing that Roselli&Roselli started in the league just a couple years and have rocketed to the top level says alot. I am sure we another year or so these two would be contenders.
Level 7

Meg Turner for the women.
Hoping to be in 1

Yea the Roselli's are alright but they still have
many things to work on, it will be a long time if ever they knock around the elite. the likes of huy/sperry and many others.
the kid

C'mon. Sure, it probably is Steve Pike. After all he gets payed to play racquets sports.
Have a Real Job!

Ok here goes with a couple catagories:
Best player has to be the only hall of famer in the rochester area, Fritz. Man that guy can swing from anywhere, he makes it look to easy. According to Fritz his bro Gardi was even better but injuries took a toll.
Most athletic is that fuzzy leprechan Sky Kalkman, man that guy gets around the court.
Teams, Ngyen/Sperry, enough said. With Jeff Natapow feeling better this year I'm glad to say Pike/Natapow should contend for top spot.

as far as teams...i'd rank fritz and whoever as #1. dibiase and bartl were a very tough team when they played. huy/sperry are good but natapow/pike are better. roselli/roselli moved up fast but they are not close to being in the league of players just mentioned.

Who ever voted for me thanks. I vote for Vicky Nagy.
Meg Turner

I heard Nook and Luce from Cleveland are the best:)
Paddle Guy

I vote for Jimmy "the Hammer" Shapiro mainly because he wears the most paddle logo clothing at one time..I saw him last year with 6 layers of paddle t-shirts, sweatshirts, vests, and he has to be the best right? Ok then best dressed!!!
Most improved player in level 1 last year was Jim Sperry
Rules Guru