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Oak Hill Tournament

Congrats to Pike/Stevens on their Oak Hill championship. High level of play and good time had by all except Boater.

Kudos to Reid Smith for respecting the spirit of the rules of the tourney. Not sure how Steve Pike can sleep at night...

P.S. If he really wanted to accomplish something admirable, he would try and win this tourney with someone like Boater.
Just sayin'

Don't get it. Have to be combined 3 or more. Pike =1 Stephens=2. 1+ 2= 3. Smith=1 Glazer=2. Is my math wrong ? Or is there something else we are missing ? in fact, Glazer and Stephens are partners in the league. In any event, both teams had great tournaments.

Sometimes you are NOT what your level says you are.
The Tuna

PS....I sleep like a baby.
Steve Pike

How about a women's combined level tourney?