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Mens District Favorites???

With Oak Hill fast approaching usally means we are close to the end of the season and the biggest tourney is on the horizon- Districts. Defending champs of Fritz and Reed will be there to defend their title and are probably the team to beat. I hope Fritz's knee and Reeds beard can hold up for a long day of paddle. The list of contenders is endless with other big guns like Huy "was that in" Nguyen and Steve (get outta my way I'm on a new diet) Pike. The heart of the tourney then continues with the likes of Cary "GREEN" berg and fellow ethnic misfit Josh "Spiderman" Fernandez not to mention challengers like Andy "Mad Magazine" Thompson and Jay "really I'm still foot faulting?" Roselli. Many other very tough players will be in the field as well battling for the title, should be a great day of some amazing paddle, at least in the finals. To all my fans out there I will again be a darkhorse but some things never change and thats the way I like it. Oak Hill here I come. I'd rather die on my feet then live on my knees. Watch Your Lips!!!
The "Kid"

Hope you fare better this season kid - switching sides will be to your ADvantage!!!!!
Aging veteran