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18 weeks this year

Anyone know why we are playing two less nights this year?
Dan Curry

Ask Claudia. I believe the underlying reason among the players was the league was too long.

It's odd that the last week of the season is 2 weeks before districts
Dan Curry

Yes 18 weeks too short especially when weather is good in March I agree!
I have No Life

Most of the complaints are that the season is too long....even though the best time to play paddle I think is in March and April. The increased number of forfeits in the last session proves that point every year. The Districts rotates dates every year due to other APTA events and Easter. Last year it was in April.
paddle fan

Its not the length of the season, its the general lack of commitment from some of the lower level players. March is great time to play. You will see may people will keep playing in March.
6 week sessions too short to determine who moves up and down with unbalanced schedules.
$65 bucks for 18 weeks???

$3.61/match is fantasic value in my opinion.
Angelo Ponticello

Always a gentleman and a politician Ang. You the man. When JT goes, I want you to be Comish.


$23.05 if don't happen to belong to a "club" and have to fork over an additional $350 to Shadow Lake.....
Happy Paddle

I guess three length of the season isn't what matters. Its how we use it.

WHAT????????????? I think you had too many drop shots, "drop shot". Either that or you have taken to many viking balls to the head.
the kid