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foot faulting

Wondering what the proper procedure for calling foot faults would be. Second, what do you do when it continues to happen after it has been pointed out. Stepping an inch over the end line is one thing, BUT STILL AGAINST THE RULES!!!! Am I out of order?
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Unfortunately it has become an ongoing thing in the Rochester world of paddle. I used to do it every time by almost a full foot length. Was never a racquet sport guy but know the rules. I seldom foot fault now although i am sure it happens by about an inch tops. It is a world of difference, if you ask me, on such a small court that even a foot can make a difference in returning a volley or eating it. The solution? Don't know. The penalty for continuing after a warning or two. Don't know that either. Might have to go to the APTA site and asks the RULES GURU. He is one of Rochester's finest tuned athletes, and a member of the hall of fame. For the record, he occasionally foot faults. Good Luck.

Been away a long time so here ya go.-
Even after telling people that they are foot faulting and they continue doing it IS an ongoing problem, that includes you too John (I've seen it first hand). As John was saying, being a foot or two closer to the net on a serve is a huge advantage unless your Boater. I would continue calling the foot fault during the match if your opponent still continues to do it. Does a police officer let you continue to speed if you explain to him that you already have a speeding ticket? No you get penalized by the doughnut eater. If the person that you are playing gets an attitude or gets rattled about your call thats their problem, and if they complain to someone else about it after, who cares. In my level (dosen't matter) there are a bunch of cheaters also (sorry I mean foot faulters), if they need to cheat to win then so be it (most sub par athletes try to get an edge somehow even if it is against the rules). Playing by the rules is the best way to play and you can feel good knowing that you are playing the sport they way it was meant to be played. Good luck the rest of the way and remember to aim hi and hit it hard.- SKIN
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Welcome back KID, good to see you are alive!
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Lob a few over their head, they won't be so eager to foot fault and sprint in when they have to turn around a few times.
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I just assumed the rule against foot-faulting was more of a guideline...

If I could get to the service line the foot faulting would probably help more!
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