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Tips from level winners

Earlier this week I asked the men?Ts league session 1 winners to fill out a short survey. The goal was to share with everyone else how they succeeded. If you want to win more matches, these tips are a good place to start. After all, they beat YOU.

The most common responses to ?owhy did you win your level?? were consistency and patience. This doesn?Tt mean you should lob every shot, but when you do go for more, make sure it?Ts a shot you can put in the court nearly every time. Instead of thinking that your aggressive shot needs to win the point, simply have the goal of giving your opponent a chance to make a mistake.
- ?oWe don?Tt have all the racket skills, but we won by wearing teams down/outlasting them.?
- ?oMore consistency with keeping ball in play and ability to drive shots.?
- ?oWe worked to keep the ball in play and reduce unforced errors. Let the other team make the mistakes.?
- ?oLetting the other team make more mistakes than us.?

When asked, ?owhat do teams at your new level do better than teams at your old level??, responses were similar. Offense is important, but you have to pick your openings carefully.
- ?oThe play seems much more patient, yet quick to take advantage of an opening.?
- ?oTeams at our new level do everything better, mainly executing offensive opportunities but also making fewer errors.?
- ?oThere is more patience to wait for a high percentage shot rather than trying to drive difficult shots.?

Another common response was improved positioning. By putting yourself in the right position, both relative to the court and to your partner, you?Tll have easier shots to hit. You?Tll miss less often and can be more aggressive.
- ?oBeing in the right position and moving well with your partner is a huge part of the game.?

Finally, here are a few more tips with at least a couple mentions:
- ?oTake a lesson? and ?oBreak down your game with your partner.?
- ?oPlay more often? and ?oPlay in every tournament you can.?
- ?oPlay against better players.?
- ?oKnowing appropriate speed and placement of corner and screen shots helped us gain enough of an advantage to move up.?
Sky Kalkman

and if none of that works start drinking before your matches.
the kid

I suggest - get the best partner in town....sure fire way to win top level paddle your first go.

:) I'm not nice.