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Which "Electric Plan" to select

I know this has nothing to do with Platform Tennis, but it does for people living and owning a home in the Rochester area. I would love if anyone could offer any insight into which electric plan from RGS they selected and why they selected it.

Need to choose

I use the Viking Pro Elite over the Wilson paddle electric plan. Seriously, this is a paddle forum. And I don't know.
Paddle Shocker

I will answer this for you as I work for RGE in customer service. If you are speaking of the Voice Your Choice campaign, opt for the variable.

Since this program began the variable has averaged 7.2 cents per kWh annually where the fixed in 2008 was 10 cents per kWh. The fixed is being lowered a bit for 2009 as I understand it, but the variable has proven to be the better way to go over the course of this program.

As for the selection of your supplier (Energetix, NYSEGsolutions or some other company) I cannot answer you there. These two programs are not the same and seem to be promoted as one in the same. They are not. Do some research on the cost per kWh for any supplier you may be interested in. RGE cannot provide any information on the rates of these other companies. We can provide a list of suppliers in our region if you call customer service.

My Ace,

Thanks for the info. I thought this would be a good venue to ask since we are dealing with a lot of people on in the same boat.
Need to Choose

I find that the Viking Pro plan tends to have surges in my forehand which tends to drive the ball long with a lot of static. I prefer the Wilson Plan it has a long even flow of electricty which allows my movements as well as my shots to be even distributed all over the court in a devistating manner. Glad to Help-
the kid