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Paddle Tips

This is a response to question I sent to Fritz Odenbach regarding the most effective kind of lob, low vs. high trajectory. Great advice from one of the masters.

Here it is:

Lobs are such an important part of the game that gets overlooked.

¬∑ Both types of lobs (low trajectory vs. high trajectory) are good and can be effective. No matter what though a shallow lob either high or low is the ‚?oKiss of Death‚?Ě. You only can survive a few of those before any good player will get you in the screens.
· When you are in trouble and scrambling around go for the high lob to get you back in position.
· When warming up, take notice and practice hitting lobs at least back to the service line.
¬∑ Take notice of where your opponent‚?Ts backhands are and try lobbing to their backhands, which are generally weaker and can set you up for a drive.
· Keep your trajectory high enough where the opponents have to go back to get your lobs and not just have to reach up without moving back.
· If you are the stronger player lob cross court to make them come back to you
· There always seems to be a weaker opponent who is hitting the overheads so lob towards them.
· If you are lobbing deep that can be very offensive by setting up your drives as they come back to the net.
· If you notice you are lobbing shallow, try to exaggerate your follow through. Shallow lobs means you are probably stopping your swing and not following thru.
· My lob is probably considered a medium height lob; enough to get the guy off the net and enough that he can't use his full spin.
· I have won many matches when my drive was way off by lobbing deep and setting up my partner.

Lob deep...Lob deep...Lob deep...good things happen for you when your opponents go up and back multiple times...they will end up hitting a bad overhead to set you up......GUARANTEED!

Hope this helps.

Mike Nazarenko