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Abuse of this message board/forum

Just as with most, if not all, of the forums that I have attended on line, the purpose of this media is being mis-used. The very first line on the home page of this forum states that it is for "Everything about the sport of Platform Tennis...".

We are all adults here and share a passion for our favorite winter sport, Paddle. Can we please keep the topics related to paddle and legitimate issues in around our league, sport and pastime?

The posted topic of cell phones ringing during matches was a good one that has deteriorated into a match about playing golf at a private club from the ladies tees. HUH? How did we get there from a discussing about court etiquette?

Please use this forum for what it was intended for and keep the antagonistic juvenile battles for other spots in cyber-space.

Thank you. See you on Thursday.
myace188 --Dan Crosby Level 5

Dan - good point. There were intentions of putting in a "Abuse" feature where users can submit it and the content will be reviewed/removed. Perhaps we are there now.


We should not need one, but apparently we do. It is a sad thing to see such childlike attacks in what could be a cool place to talk paddle. I have yet to find a forum/chat room that was free of such garbage.

Won't happen again- my apoligies.
the kid

thank you